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NCSOA Executive Board

Each officer is elected for a two year term.
• President, Secretary and Member at Large are each elected in the spring of even years.
• Vice President and Treasurer are elected in the spring of odd years.

Vacancies are filled by nomination and confirmation by the Executive Board.

Officers that are appointed to the position by the executive board (i.e. to fill a vacancy) will serve until the next scheduled election, regardless of year.

For more information, see the Association bylaws


 Position   Name  Email 
 Assignor Derek Francois 
 Asst Assignor Neal Rogers 
 Asst Assignor Samantha Moos
 Webmaster Alan Lee

Who to contact about... 

  - Assignments: Derek Francois

  Meeting dates/times/locations: any board member 

  - Membership/Registration/Online Profile: Austin Otto

  - Rules: Rich Davis or any board member 

  - WebsiteAlan Lee 

  - Other NSCOA businessRichard Davis 

Please DO NOT contact Derek about general NCSOA matters. Derek's work is to manage assignments and matters concerning match issues/problems.
Please DO NOT contact the NCSOA regarding assignment issues.  The NCSOA's job is to train and certify officials to work CIF matches.


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